Good Music – How it works

Welcome! This site is meant to promote new music from the following genres:

New Classical – Jazz – Experimental Jazz – New Music (Nouvelle Musique) – Contemporary Music – Ethno Music

How does this work for you and us? Do you associate your music style/the style of your group/project with the genres above? Do you think it’s good enough to even sell? Then PLEASE let us have it! We are trying to promote bands who are making the the effort and are composing and producing music of the mentioned styles.

How do I submit my material?

Sorry, but can really not accept music from the genres Pop-Metal-Punk-Electro/House/Techno. Why? There’s so much music of this genres arround and, to be honest, it bores the sh*t out of me (the author). We are trying to find music from and for the 21. century!

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